In need of back pain relief?

The first thing a person who suffers from lower back pain should consider is his/her bed. With an average of 27 years, every person spends most of their life laying in bed and therefore it must be seriously considered when it comes to lower back pain, especially the one that is labelled “due to old age”.
The principle idea behind the design of the Tri-Slat system is to relieve and to prevent lower back pain. With the real difficulty being the design of a one size fits all system, the Tri-Slat system achieves exactly that.
The intricate design and arrangement of the Tri-Slats and the latex supports creates a sleeping surface that is flat, flexible and supportive at all times regardless of a person’s weight, size or build.

Are you sleeping on your back?

relief lower back painIn this picture to the left, we intentionally left out the latex mattress in order for you to better see how the Tri-slat system will adjust to reflect the natural curve of the person’s spinal cord. The system enables the body to go into a perfect state of rest where all muscles in the sleeper’s back can rest and relax. It will provide this optimal lying position, independent of the person’s weight, size and build. This provides optimum sleeping conditions to relieve and prevent lower back pain.

 Are you sleeping on your side?

relief lower back painFor a person sleeping on their side, it is absolutely vital to keep the spine in a straight position. The excellent elastic properties of the natural latex in combination with the Tri-slat system provide the perfect surface for the side-sleeper, independent of the person’s weight, size and build. Once again, this is absolutely necessary to keep lower back pain from developing.

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