Our aim is to provide you with the best sleep!

A well-designed bed must allow the sleeper's body to come to a place of rest and must consist of natural materials that are free of harmful chemicals. Our Balancer Das Original meets all these requirements in order to provide you with the best sleep possible.

Consider that the average person sleeps 27 years of their life. Since such an enormous amount of time is spent laying in bed, it must be seriously considered when it comes to your overall well-being. The principle idea behind our bed design of the Tri-Slat system is to create a sleeping surface that is flat, flexible and supportive at all times regardless of a person’s weight, size or build. Of course a true one-size-fits-all does not exists. However, our bed design may be the closest thing to it.

Here is what it is made out of:

There are essentially five (5) components to our bed design. The Solid wood frame (1) can potentially be replaced with any other bed frame. Numbers two (2) to five (5) are essential. Be sure to click the drop-downs next to the pictures for more detailed information!

We provide a simple but high-quality solid wood frame that will last you for generations.

  • The core of the frame is made out of 100% untreated solid Canadian Aspen wood
  • Encased by 5 mm thick solid wood in either Aspen, Soft Maple or Black Cherry wood (all wood comes from eastern Canada and the New England States in the USA)
  • Finished with 100% natural eco-wax sourced from Germany
  • Metal / EMF free
  • No tools are needed for assembly

The latex strips form the first component of our sleep system. They enable the Tri-Slat system to be flexible and to conform to the sleeper's body shape.

  • 100% natural Aspen wood boards
  • 97% pure Talalay latex strips sourced from VitaTalalay, Netherlands
  • Certified organic cotton covering

The Tri-Slat system is designed to be flexible so that it can adjust to any person regardless of weight, size or body shape.

  • Tri-Slats made out of 100% natural solid Aspen wood
  • Certified organic cotton rope to connect Tri-Slats

Our natural Talalay latex mattress is arguably the best material to sleep on. It provides excellent support, pressure relief, ventilation and a long life without developing the notorious sag in the middle of the mattress. Our mattresses come with two distinct firmness levels in every mattress - medium firm and firm with a neutral layer in the middle. One simply needs to flip the mattress to experience a different firmness level.

  • 97% pure Talalay latex mattress sourced from Vita Talalay, Netherlands (no toxic chemicals, no formaldehyde, no synthetics, no off-gassing)
  • The open cell structure of latex as well as the pinhole design ensures optimal ventilation
  • Certified organic cotton cover to protect the latex mattress (this can be removed to be washed)

The 100% untreated virgin's sheep wool topper completes our holistic design. Its self-cleaning, temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, fire-resisting, and many other properties make it the optimal material to sleep on.

  • 100% untreated virgin sheep wool from living sheep sourced from Switzerland
  • Thin certified organic cotton covering

Why we sleep on Vita Talalay Latex
(and why you should as well)

Solid Wood Frame Options

We produce our Balancer - Das Original bed system in all standard North American bed sizes.

Single/Twin Size Bed - 98 x 202 cm (39 x 80 in)
Double/Full Size Bed - 136 x 202 cm (54 x 80 in)
Queen Size Bed - 151 x 202 cm (60 x 80 in)
King Size Bed - 196 x 202 cm (78 x 80 in)
*Custom sizes can be build upon request.
**Standard industry variances apply.

We offer our beds in one of three solid wood casings (5 mm thick as opposed to 0.6 mm which is standard in most places around the world). Currently, you can choose from the following options:

Aspen Wood (left), Soft Maple (middle), Black Cherry (right)

Our frames are now also available in southern yellow pine.



We procure the finest and most natural materials from around the world. All wood is from Quebec, Ontario and the New England states. The cotton is grown in Turkey and woven in Switzerland. The latex sap is taken from rubber trees from Pacific Asia and manufactured in the Netherlands. And finally our sheep wool comes from sheep that are kept in the Swiss Alps.


Cradle to Cradle - 3153

Made in Canada


Rainforest Alliance - 100755



You may now be wondering how all these wonderfully selected materials achieve what we are promising



Are you sleeping on your back?

In this picture to the left, we intentionally left out the latex mattress in order for you to better see how the Tri-Slat system will adjust to reflect the natural curve of the person's spinal cord. The system enables the body to go into a perfect state of rest where all muscles in the sleeper's back can rest and relax. It will provide this optimal lying position, independent of the person’s weight, size and build. This provides optimum sleeping conditions to relieve and prevent lower back pain.

Are you sleeping on your side?

For a person sleeping on their side, it is absolutely vital to keep the spine in a straight position. The excellent elastic properties of the natural latex in combination with the Tri-Slat system provide the perfect surface for the side-sleeper, independent of the person’s weight, size and build. Once again, this is absolutely necessary to keep lower back pain from developing.


Dreaming of undisturbed nights?

Our Tri-Slat systems are designed to work completely independent from one another. Therefore, two people can sleep in the same bed without disturbing one another by excessive tossing & turning or by getting up in the middle of the night.

How long will our beds last?

Our latex components will last a minimum of 15 years before they will need to be replaced. No chemicals have been added into the latex to increase its life, therefore the natural life time of latex will remain at a minimum of 15 years.
All wood components are built from solid wood and will last for generations (like they did in the good ol' days!). This means that after you have gone through your first latex mattress, you only have to purchase new latex and not a completely new bed. Unlike other mattresses where you have to buy everything again, with us you only spend a fraction to maintain a high-end bed for decades to come. Because the latex will break down and is biodegradable - apart from the polymers - you will significantly decrease the amount of waste that is normally associated with replacing your mattress.

Do you offer any warranty?

We live in the age of Amazon and other big corporations that offer 100 days to 1 year money back guarantees. As a small business this is simply unrealistic so you must tamper your expectations. However, we know that a person will usually take between one to 10 nights to get used to this new way of sleeping. Therefore we offer a 21 day return period (excluding the sheep wool because it is a hygiene item).
Keep in mind that for a small business like ours, every customer is a person and not simply a number. Therefore, we will try our upmost to provide as good of a service to you as anybody.

What about disposal once the bed has passed its life cycle?

Even though natural latex is biodegradable, the polymers that hold the latex in its mattress shape are not. However, this leftover material can be given to a recycling point and used for underfloor and insulation. Therefore, our beds last longer than conventional and memory foam mattresses and they don't leave nearly as much waste behind!

Be sure to check out how sleep is related to back pain relief

The first thing a person who suffers from lower back pain should consider is his/her bed. With an average of 27 years, every person spends a large amount of their life laying in bed and therefore it must be seriously considered when it comes to lower back pain, especially the one that is labelled "due to old age".The principle idea behind the design of the Tri-Slat system is to relieve and to prevent lower back pain.
Molly and Emily getting comfortable in our show room