Once we overheard a truck driver asking to buy a new $4,000 chair for his truck because he was suffering from severe lower back pain. Don't get me wrong the chair is important. Yet equally important is the bed that he sleeps on.
Sleep is supposed to be the time for your body to rest after a long day of driving, but many drivers complain about their truck beds. So we redesigned our proven bed system to fit into a semi-truck in order to replace the old foam pads that are usually found there. The result is stunning and the price is excellent (use the contact us page to inquire about prices in your area):

Can you imagine waking up without back pain when you start your engine in the morning?
RooOOoaar and off you go!

Well we did just that with our Balancer for the Road!

This bed can also used for campers and as stowaway beds since it is easily rolled up and put away.

The Balancer for the Road is designed for and easily put into your semi-truck.

Even truckers need a clean bed! The mattress cover is simply unzipped and taken off so that it can be washed and dried easily. Cleaning your truck bed has never been easier!

We simply tucked our Tri-Slat system into the cover below the mattress.

Just like in our standard Balancer bed, the Tri-Slat system sits on natural latex supports, in order to give your spine the best possible rest.

Our Balancer for the Road fits perfectly into any semi-truck. Since everything is made out of flexible materials, you can easily roll up the bed and take it anywhere! Once you have slept on it, you will never again want to sleep on anything else!