Our Story - A Natural Bed made in Canada

Swiss Dream Beds is an arm of CBH Wood Furniture Ltd. to distribute a truly revolutionary natural bed made in Canada.

We are a small family-owned business in New Brunswick, Canada that produces a top of the line natural bed that has a long history.
CBH Wood Furniture (previously known as CBH Wood Products) is a wood manufacturing company located just outside of Fredericton, New Brunswick in Hanwell. Swiss native Balthasar Huesler founded the company in 2001. Today it is one of the few wood manufacturing businesses in New Brunswick, Canada. During its first nine years of operation, CBH Wood Products was manufacturing almost entirely for export. High quality wood was produced and shipped to Switzerland. There, it was assembled into a natural bed system called the Huesler Nest. The invention of the Huesler Nest has been and still is Balthasar's biggest accomplishment. He first developed it in the 1970-1980s. Then, after collecting over 30 years of experience in Europe and Asia, Balthasar started to redevelop his famous sleeping system for the North American market.

Finally ready for Canada and the USA

In 2010 Balthasar Huesler, in partnership with my dad, Horst Haueisen, completed the first prototype of the bed which he later called the "Balancer - Das Original" (English: Balancer - The Original) a truly natural bed made in Canada. After another 5 years of fine-tuning, the Balancer was ready to enter the Canadian and US market in 2015. In 2017 Balthasar handed the company over to my dad. He is continuing Balthasar's vision for an well-designed and affordable natural bed made in Canada. Horst completed his Master Carpentry School in Germany and has worked in the field for almost three decades. He brings world-class knowledge to the table. We can proudly say that our bed is designed by Swiss know-how, build according to German quality and made in Canada. It is a perfect recipe for a world-class product. For more details please contact us here Below you will see a short video of my dad and I, during the last step of the Tri-Slat production. We bought top of the line machinery, in order to produce a quality product every single time.

From left to right: Elijah, Hendrik Haueisen and Balthasar Huesler

From left to right: Elijah, Hendrik Haueisen and Balthasar Huesler