We recently added this amazing pillow to our lineup, to offer our customers the best sleep experience.

Our pillows come from Europe, using only the finest materials and most natural materials, so that even the smallest ones of us can have a healthy sleep.

natural pillow


all natural latex pillow

The latex core is the same 100% natural Talalay latex that is used in our mattresses. It sits in 100% natural cotton. The latex core is divided into two "slices". This will give you the luxury to adjust the pillow height according to your preference.

1000 natural cotton cover

Both latex slices are put inside a 100% natural cotton cover which can easily be removed and washed.

100% natural sheep wool

The Talalay latex pillow is put inside of a 100% pure virgin sheep wool cover (for comparison see our sheep wool topper).

Finally, the latex core is shaped to reflect a persons neck/head area. Latex is very breathable and therefore your head will not run hot during your sleep!

natural latex pillow