The reason that you cannot find prices on our website is that depending on where you are located, the prices for shipping will vary. Therefore please send us a message on the contact us page and we will send you a complete price list for your area. For example if you pick up a standard twin size bed at our shop you pay approx $1500+tax for the entire bed including the frame, and if you have the biggest standard king size bed shipped to the south western end of California you will pay approximately US$3000 for the complete bed, shipping and import fees to the US.

Firstly, we are a small family-owned business. Therefore whoever buys from us, does not support a big CEO but a real family, just like yours. That also means that our profit margins need not be so large as for a big company.
Lastly, we do not run any big advertisement campaigns. This allows us to offer you a great bed at an even greater price!

When somebody offers you free shipping you are still paying for the shipping somewhere. You are just not being told the details. Therefore, we adjust the shipping prices for each customer to reflect the actually price for their area.

Yes we sell and deliver to all of North, South and Middle America. For US customers we will requires you SSN or IRS number in accordance with the Custom and Border Patrol regulations listed here:

All wooden components are solid wood and therefore will last for generations. The mattress is 100% natural Talalay latex and will last a minimum of 13-15 years. We recommend to replace the sheep wool topper every 7-8 years. After that time it will lose its self-cleaning properties, but all the other properties remain active.

No, you do not have to buy custom made bedding. We have designed our sleep system to be a total of 8 inches thick (i.e. 4" mattress plus 4" of latex supports & Tri-Slats). Therefore you can buy regular 8 inch fitted sheets to be used with our beds.

Be aware that not every bed sheet that you buy in the store has the exact same width and length. The bed sheet industry has a tolerance of 1 inch.

Technically yes but we would want to make sure that the mattress is of any help to you first. If we think that you are wasting your money then we will not let you buy the mattress by itself

Yes you can. If you take a close look at one of the pictures of our bed, you will see that the feet are set under the frame. This is done so that you can use it with most bed frames that are on the market today. We can also custom build our mattress system in order to fit it into your bed frame.

No, there are no flame retardants in our mattress and it is completely free of chemical off-gassing. The mattress that we use (Vita Talalay from Radium, Netherlands) contains no flame retardants. Instead we use pure virgin sheep's wool to act as a natural flame retardant in order to comply with the fire regulations for mattresses.

Here is the answer that the latex manufacturer gives:

"Food can be fully organic. But with a latex mattress that does not make sense. Harvested organic latex always need an addition of some inorganic materials to process it into a latex mattress, topper or pillow. Organic certifications do some traceability of the latex itself but do not trace whether the added inorganic materials (needed to get from liquid to a solid material) are safe. All Vita Talalay is Oekotex 100 Class 1. With Natural Vita Talalay we even have two more certifications that test the end product to be safe. And on top Cradle to Cradle chemists have analysed not only the latex, but also the inorganic additives. It shows that the latex and the additives contains zero harmful materials for the health of humans and the environment." (reference

Here is the answer that the latex manufacturer gives:

"For somebody with latex allergy, Vita Talalay is safe. We have never received any feedback from consumers with regards to latex allergy linked to the proteins that cause the allergy. The reason is that the proteins are washed out during the production process and the latex is tucked in the mattress.
For people with dust mite allergy, Vita Talalay brings an added benefit as the Talalay process makes such an airy product that it gives no ground for dust mites to live in." (reference

It is important to note that most people's so called wool allergies are no wool allergies at all. The way to really test this is not to do tests at the doctors office but to find a real sheep, to touch it and to see what happens. From our experience (and from our Swiss partner's experience going back to the early 80s) very few people are allergic to real wool. Most people react to the moth and mite chemical treatments that the wool will have undergone. These treatments are absolutely unnecessary because real sheep wool is self-cleaning by nature. This means that it already rids itself from moths and mites without needing any treatment at all. The wool that is in our toppers has not been been treated with anything but only washed in cold water. Therefore, it retains the self-cleaning properties that is naturally found in wool which companies destroy when they apply various treatments to the wool.

All that being said it is not uncommon that we here a customer being concerned about reacting to the wool and in almost all cases it turns out that they have no reactions to pure virgin sheep's wool. If however you truly have a wool allergy then you can either sleep without the wool topper or we can also suggest an alternative.

Yes we can make headboards. We will ask you to send us a design of the headboard that you would like. All headboards are individually custom made pieces from solid wood. Please note that we do not do upholstering.

Yes we can. All customs jobs will require a few pictures. We will mark up the pictures for you and we will have you take a few dimensions of your space where the bed is to be fit into.

The most weight we had laying on a twin bed until now was just over 450lbs. We are confident that it can hold much more. Also, there is no concern about Tri-Slats breaking when children are jumping on the bed.