These Benefits and More Will Help Improve Your Sleep

1. Balancer - Das Originial bed systems relieve and prevent lower back pain caused by incorrect sleep, which is one of the most common causes of lower back pain.

Our bed will help improve your sleep because it properly aligns your spine. Those suffering from back pain will find relief. Those who don't suffer from back pain will have the optimum sleeping environment to prevent the development of what is usually called "old age back pain".
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2. Vita Talalay latex is far superior to traditional matresses and memory foam mattresses

3. There are no chemicals nor synthetics in any of our wood components, latex mattresses or sheep wool toppers.

An all natural sleeping environment is essential to help improve your sleep. We use untreated Canadian wood, untreated virgin's sheep wool, arguably the best and most natural Talalay latex that is currently available, and unrecycled (i.e new) certified organic cotton.
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4. Double, queen and king beds come with two separate Tri-Slat systems

A properly designed bed must account for the difference in people's size, shape and body weight. Our beds do just that! For beds that are meant to be used by two people, we provide two independently working slat systems. It means that a person who is tossing and turning or getting out of bed will not interrupt the other person’s sleep. Therefore it will greatly help improve your sleep by providing a customised environment only for you and also by keeping you asleep if your partner is an active sleeper.

5. The sheep wool topper is self-cleaning, anti-allergenic and eliminates need for flame retardants!

In the Western world, people are very particular about wearing clean clothes every day. Yet many have not considered that hygiene should not discontinue when it comes to the bedroom. Our 100% untreated virgin's sheep wool toppers from Switzerland are guaranteed to help improve your sleep by (literally) cleaning the place where your sleep, daily. Gone are the days when your mattress accumulates sweat stains. Our wool toppers guarantee a clean sleeping surface every night!
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6. Our mattresses have two different sides to it with one side being soft and the other side being firm.

One needs to simply flip the mattress to change from soft to firm and vice versa. Read more about natural Talalay latex.

7. Our Talalay latex mattresses do not sag nearly as much as any other mattress!

You do not need to flip our mattresses periodically. Talalay latex is a superior material that fatigues very slowly over its lifetime. The fact that you will have your bed feel like new for a much longer period of time will ensure that you will continue to sleep well for years to come!

8. The 100% natural cotton mattress cover is washable.

You do not need to buy a separate mattress protector. Our cotton cover has got you covered!

9. No metal coils or any other metal components and therefore no EMF amplification through your bed.

In order to provide a natural sleeping environment, our beds are designed without any metal components. This will help improve your sleep because your body's natural electromagnetic field can rest in a neutral environment. Of course there will be plenty of other items in your bedroom that you may want to consider moving out and some that you simply cannot. But at the very least our beds will not add any additional disturbance to your body's electromagnetic field.
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10. Combination of natural Talalay latex and 100% untreated virgin sheep wool

This combination provides a warm and dry bed in the winter and a cool and dry bed in the summer. Both components are breathable so you never have to run hot during your sleep. Read more on the amazing benefits of our sheep wool

11. Talalay Latex has the perfect level of breathability

12. All wood components are untreated solid North American wood.

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13. Our bed system is easy to set up (no tools required). help improve your sleep, how to improve your sleep, how to sleep better, sleep better improve your sleep
14. Our beds are easy to move.

help improve your sleep, how to improve your sleep, how to sleep better, sleep better improve your sleep We can fit an entire king size bed (and more!) in this little Ford Focus without compromising the leg room of the driver!

15. Our standard bed height is 52 cm (20.5 in)

This height was chosen because it is the same height of a standard chair design. It has been proven to be the optimal height for getting in and out of bed. This is important especially for elderly people because it makes it easier to get in and out of bed.