An Inclined Headboard - Our Standard Option

We all know what it is like to sit in bed and read a good book. You need to prop up a few pillows behind your back to get the posture just right and to make the experience more comfortable. With our innovative headboard design that is now a thing of the past. We have recently adding this inclined headboard option to our lineup which offers a much more comfortable sitting posture for all you book worms!

The frame and inclined headboard shown below were made from Soft Maple.

Do you want to use a special type of wood for your bed?

Occasionally we have customers ask us to build their bed out of a different kind of wood from what we would normally offer. No problem, just tell us the kind of wood you would like it to be and we will try to source it.

Are you looking for something special?

Our standard beds come with a very sturdy and well designed solid wood bed frame. It is minimalistic so as to be neutral in the midst of your other bedroom furniture.

If, however, you are looking for a more aesthetic design for your bed frame or are thinking about adding another headboard, you can send us a picture and we will send you a quote.

My father, who holds a masters certification in carpentry from Germany with 30+ years of experience, runs our manufacturing shop. Ge can adapt our sleep system to fit nearly any bed frame. The possibilities are nearly endless! Please contact us here to inquire about prices for custom made frames and headboards. Bear in mind that everything we build will be made out of solid wood.

The following collection of pictures will increase as we receive more custom work orders:

Custom Bed Frames

Here is a bed frame that we built for one of our Canadian customers. It is made completely out of black cherry wood. The frame is built 100% metal free by using a combination of our connection system as well as wooden dowels.
The drawers are designed and built without metal as well. A little bit of candle wax has done the trick for years and it still does so today!

Custom Headboards

Here is a collection of several headboards that we have built upon special request. All headboards are made out of solid wood and are 100% metal free.

Do you want to use your own bed frame?

Finally, you may say that you already have a bed frame that you really like. We have kept you in mind when we designed our Balancer - Das Original sleep system. Here are a number of pictures that we have received from our customers who have used our bed system in combination with their own bed frames: