I will say it up front: sleeping on one of our beds does not necessarily make you sleep longer, it makes you sleep better and sleep healthy. It is not about how long we sleep but about getting quality of rest during the time that we allocate to sleeping. That in turn will improve your performance during waking hours because now you are able to start your day without any aches and pains that are caused by the poor design of your conventional bed/memory foam bed system.

better sleep, how to sleep better, fall asleep easierThe “Tri-Slat” system design does an excellent job at providing an ideal sleeping surface for any person regardless of weight, size or shape. Considering that every person’s body is unique, this is vitally important in relieving lower back pain and also in preventing it from developing in the first place. Our customer reviews have proven that over and over again.

The “Tri-Slat” system replaces the need for a box spring unit. They are made out of three pieces of solid Aspen wood which are laminated to ensure sufficient stability regardless of the sleeper’s weight. Aspen wood was chosen because it is one of the few types of wood that will not deform over time and instead when put under stress it will return to its original state once the load is removed.

In a conventional slat system, the wooden slats sit on a solid frame, therefore allowing only the wood to bend if a person applies enough pressure with their own body weight. The problem with this method is that a lot of pressure is needed to bend the slats which will not allow your spine to rest because of the great resistance that the wood exerts.

The “Tri-Slat” system revolutionizes this idea of using wooden slats. By placing it on latex strips that sit on top of a solid frame, it allows our system to be flexible without needing to apply a great amount of pressure. As a person applies their body weight to the “Tri-Slat” system, the slats will press into the natural latex strips and adjust to the unique spinal curve of the individual. This creates the perfect sleeping environment to relieve the body of lower back pain so that one can start the day fully rested and free of pain.

better sleep, how to sleep better, fall asleep easierFor beds that are meant to be used for two people (double bed, queen size bed and king size bed), each bed comes with two independently working “Tri-Slat” units within the same bed frame. This means that two people can sleep completely independent of each other. This is extremely important because no two people are built the same, so two slat units are required to adjust to each individual’s needs. A very practical example is this: when one person gets up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, the other person can continue to sleep undisturbed and enjoy a full night’s rest because he/she will not feel any movement in the bed when the other person gets up. In our beds, it seems as though you are sleeping all by yourself.