Most of us take sleep for granted and view it as something that we have to do, even though we could achieve so much more if we could only work or spend time with friends and family during that time of sleep. Very few people realize that getting a good sleep is as important as healthy eating, physical exercise and our spiritual well-being (follow this link to get an overview of 21 health benefits that come with proper sleep). And even fewer people realize that just like healthy eating starts with the food you eat, healthy sleeping starts with the bed you sleep on. Keep in mind the following:

  • shutterstock_116821153 (1)_rev01The average person sleeps for about 27 years of their life – how many other things will you be doing in your life for that length of time?

  • Most conventional beds are simply designed for the “average” person of 170cm (5ft 7in), 70kg (155lbs) and of even build – are you average and if so for how long?

Here is the deal:

Most beds are not even made for you. So it comes as no surprise that the majority of people develop back pain and in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s are starting to show the signs of it. Most commonly we see disc damage, which in most cases is directly caused by your bed because it does not provide an environment for your spine and back muscles to relax. This can cause lasting damage on your discs.

Furthermore, just as you would look for organic foods that are free of chemicals when eating healthy, so you should look to sleep on a bed that provides a chemical-free environment. After all, our skin is the body’s biggest organ and should be protected from the harmful odours of chemicals as much as possible. When we take a look at the most common types of mattresses on the market today, we find a number of serious issues. Conventional mattresses are filled with old fabric and hair that comes from animals. Memory foam mattresses are filled with synthetic foam full of chemicals, which emit odours so strong that you will have to air out your bedroom for weeks upon purchasing a new foam mattress.

Want to know the best part?

Swiss Dream Beds is proud to offer an innovative bed system that takes all of the above into consideration. Our bed is designed to provide the ideal sleeping surface for anybody, regardless of one’s weight, size or build and at the same time providing an all-natural solution that is free of chemicals, synthetics and metal.

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