Amber F. (Stony Plain, AB)

We have had to be away from home for the last several weeks, and like so many others have commented, we miss our bed!!

I was searching for a simple, natural, healthy mattress, as well as a bed frame.  Between my husband and I, we couldn’t find a bed we loved.  When I stumbled across a mention of Swiss Dream Beds on a forum somewhere, I couldn’t believe it – I’d seen this type of mattress system before, but for over 10k!  These mattress systems were priced in the same range as a top of the line, latest tech, blah blah blah mattress.

Frame: Turns out the owner’s father is a carpenter and we sent a picture of a bed we liked with a whole list of specs that we would prefer (there were drawers involved).  The whole process was very smooth, Hendrik is amazing at calmly keeping everything clear and concise, and we couldn’t believe how beautiful the bed was when it arrived! The craftsmanship is unsurpassed and there is not a flaw to be found. It fit together beautifully well, with no metal parts, and the drawers are a dream.

Mattress system: Let me say first: I LOVE this bed now. The first week or so, my back hurt when I woke up. Hendrik explained that this will happen when you switch from a bad mattress to a good one with better support. Our old mattress really was a bit banana shaped in the middle and his explanations made sense. Once I’d been sleeping in it for a month, I found that for the first time I could remember, I was sleeping on my back and on my front, and comfortably.  I’d always needed to be a side sleeper to get comfortable and this was a game changer. I also started sleeping mostly without a pillow because even a low one would throw my neck out of a straight line. When I am on my side, I pull the small pillow back under my head again. But the bed keeps you so aligned, you have no need of a pillow lying on your back or on your stomach. I am so much more comfortable when I sleep now. My husband unfortunately works away from home a lot so the long term is harder to identify for him – however, he’s more rested and comfortable when he’s at home than in other beds or our previous one.

We highly recommend several aspects of this:
-the mattress system itself
-Hendrik’s amazing service
-the quality of the craftsmanship of whatever they build
-and the sleep you get once you buy it!