Cecilia C. (London, ON)

We started our search in local stores and then moved to an extensive online search in all well-known places. It was very frustrating – the fake variety which, after a bit of research, ends up with the same few options competing themselves in fancy names, marketing terms, new materials, layers and layers of coils, foams and lots of potentially harmful chemicals – everything but a good night sleep. Even if one finds a few that seem to stand out in terms of quality (usually very expensive), the mixed reviews they get makes it hard to part with your money just to try yet another one that ends up disappointing. 

What happened to the simple traditional bed our grandparents used to have? I don’t recall them complaining much about back pain. This is the question that led me to some awesome blogs and forums discussing the topic. One of the comments mentioned Swiss Dream Beds and you can imagine the rest. As soon as I contacted Hendrik and started reading about his business, the doubt started to dissipate. 

I won’t repeat most of the praise shared by all other reviews, I’ll just summarize what stood out for us as exceptional:
– significant improvement in sleep quality, very good for side sleep
– very breathable resulting in constant temperature throughout the night
– mattress is soft on one side and firm on the other, king size came in two pieces so you can choose firmness for each side of the bed
– wool cover smells amazing and it feels amazing
– the pillows are very good as well, maybe not everybody’s preference but definitely worth trying
– elegant design and craftsmanship
– straightforward transaction and great communication with Hendrik along the way

I can talk for hours about it but you get the idea, this is definitely the best bed we ever had.