Cody C. (Wakefield, QC)

Great bed, very high quality product, exceptional customer service.

At first I was hesitant to make such a large purchase sight unseen (I live in the Ottawa area), especially from a small company, but after the intense amount of research I did and the unbelievable customer service I received, I was certain there was no risk involved. I have a Gmail email exchange with Hendrik that was split because it went over 100 emails. I had many questions and he was quick to respond to all of them, at all times of the day even. I learned some things that aren’t even well advertised on the Swiss Dream Beds website:
– the mattress is natural latex produced in the Netherlands by one of the most reputable manufacturers in the world, Vita (Radium)
– the amazing wool topper is the same used in a similar European bedding system, beautiful living wool, and it’s made in Switzerland!

The frame itself is incredibly well made, and in Canada from beautiful Canadian wood! I’m particular with woodworking and it’s really quite flawless.

To be honest, the worst thing about Swiss Dream Beds is their website! The pictures could be better and the layout is confusing.

We took the plunge and bought a king for us and a twin for my daughter. These beds are so cozy with some nice cotton sheets and a duvet, it’s wonderful. The latex is oddly comfortable, soft and contouring but with a little bounce so you’re never stuck. I can’t say enough good things about this bed system. It’s definitely a good price too, considering it comes with the frame and an expensive wool topper that negates the need for a separate protector.

Great bed Hendrik, thanks!