Elektra G. (Baltimore, MD)

The problem with this bed is that you will never want to get out of it! After returning from a trip to Europe where my lower back pain seemingly disappeared during a stint in hotel beds, I contemplated whether my mattress set at home was the actual cause of my pain. I immediately did research on eco-beds and this brand came up highly regarded by a customer in a blog piece in the US. Looking at the site, I could see the bed was minimalist and had rave reviews for reducing back pain. I was sold. After wiring money to Canada, I received the bed in a record few days on the East Coast, USA via truck. In fact, it arrived a full week earlier than expected. The set-up took hours alone, so I highly recommend using 2 people. The base requires 2 people working in tandem to fit the ‘precision’ cut solid (and heavy) wood base pieces. Once the sturdy base is assembled, it’s less than 30 min. to place the slat system, mattress, and topper, etc. Within 1 night on the bed, my lower back pain was immediately reduced by 50%. Within a month, my pain is down 75%+ from before. Lastly, Hendrik is very communicative with customers and always wants to check in to make sure you are ok with the product. I like supporting a family owned business that sells a quality product that is chemical-free and shows immediate results with restoring my body!