Elysia B. (Victoria, TX)

We LOVE the bed! It’s exactly like you explained it as being, firm for support, but soft for comfort.  I was concerned that my husband may not like it as well because of him being used to sleeping on hotel beds and his bed at work which are on the softer side, but he even said he was pleased with it which made me very happy because I was thinking we may just have to sleep in separate beds if not, lol, just kidding.  I believe that with my scoliosis and his degenerative disc disease, in which he’s already had a couple of surgeries for, that the bed is going to be exactly what we need to get the comfort we desire in a bed all while being therapeutic as well. 

I am so happy that I accidentally found about y’all while reading comments from a website that had nothing to do with beds (well, sort of).  It was Lloyd Burrell’s  “ElectraSense” website that talks about EMF’s (electromagnetic fields). I looked up your website and was very impressed with the unique construction of the bed that I’ve never seen before.  I did continue to look at other beds but Swiss Dream beds was overall the best option.  We got it all, a high-quality, healthy, therapeutic, comfortable bed that is made with all natural, healthy material and with absolutely no metal to attract EMF’s.

Anyways, we are very pleased with the entire experience!  Thank you for being so kind and patient with answering all of my many questions I’ve had along the way!  I recommend this bed to anyone that isn’t happy with theirs or are looking for a new bed.  It will not disappoint!