Emily E., editor at House & Home magazine (Hamilton, ON)

We bought our Balancar bed a couple of months ago and couldn’t be happier with it! Initially we were contemplating getting a Casper or Endy memory foam mattress but after discovering that the Balancar beds are made with natural Talalay latex instead of synthetic latex or chemical-covered memory foam, we were convinced the bed was worth the investment.

Purchasing the king size meant that my partner and I both have our own slat sleep system and mattress so we are not disturbed in the slightest when one of us moves or gets up out of bed. Converting from a thick conventional mattress to this thinner mattress took a bit for us to wrap our heads around, but we both agree we’re having the best sleeps of our lives.

The frame itself is made of high quality wood from New Brunswick (it’s so nice to support Canadian manufacturing) and it is very sturdy. We decided to get the Swiss Dream Beds pillows as well which give our heads and necks so much support. No more waking up with sore spots from pressure points.

*This review is totally honest and not endorsed and I am not affiliated with Swiss Dream Beds in any way.