Jenny M. (Quebec City, QC)

We took the leap and bought a Balancer bed last fall. A few weeks ago, we took our first vacation away from the bed and after the first night we were already missing our bed—both for the comfort of the bed and for the King size that we love. Switching to the bed last fall pretty much eliminated our back pain. Mine had been regularly occurring low-grade lower back pain, and my partner’s was mainly due to physical exertion. Now the day after a demanding work day, he wakes up feeling good. We love the bed and we’ve been recommending it and raving about it regularly to family, friends and internet strangers. 🙂 This was a big purchase for us and we’re so glad we made the investment. My partner said that it’s likely the best gift he’s ever gotten, even if it is a gift we gave ourselves! And I’d have to agree it was an excellent purchase that’s made a big difference in how I feel day to day. And, in addition to all that, the quality of the bed is excellent and so is the customer service. We’re super pleased with our experience and love our bed.