Kevin S. (Ottawa, ON)

We wanted to replace our aging box spring bed since we weren’t getting a sound sleep any longer. Latex seemed a possible option for us and while researching on a Montreal sleep forum, we came across some positive mentions of Swiss Dream Beds.

We were interested but had some concerns about getting hot sleeping on latex and going to a suspension system from a box spring. Despite the reservations, I corresponded with Hendrik by email and also by phone. He answered my many, many questions completely and honestly and we decided to take the risk. We are extremely glad we did.

The bed came exactly as promised, was easy to install and the frame is built like a tank. Both my wife and I have loved every minute of sleep in this bed and will never go back to a traditional box spring type.

Thanks to the wool topper, it’s never too hot or cold. The latex mattress and tri-slat system provide great back support for both my wife and myself even though I am almost twice her weight and I sleep on my back and she sleeps on her side. She loves that when I move around at night, she can’t feel it on her side.

It did take about a week for our backs to completely adjust to the newfound support.

Overall, highly recommended and we thank Hendrik and SDB for a quality product. You have a great product at a great price.