Pam A-L. (Fredericton, NB)

NO MORE BACK PAIN – finally!
I have had chronic neck and back pain since a car accident almost 30 years ago and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in my 20’s. I found ways to manage my back pain so that I could function – but it was always there draining my energy. Massage and chiro helped. Reiki helped. And I was able to function normally.
But in yin yoga, when I realized how much being in a pose 3-5 minutes could affect your body, I began to wonder about the position I slept in for hours. I noticed that I would go to bed without pain after yoga, massage and Reiki on our NEW mattress (1 year old) and would wake up in 1-2 hours in pain.
I decided to try the Balancar bed which is made in Hanwell, New Brunswick, Canada. I am SO happy to have discovered this bed. It seems to have re-aligned my spine after all these years – and keeps it that way! It took a few weeks, but my back pain went down to about 10-20% in intensity to what it used to be. Then I was guided to create a “Liquid Chiropractor” essential oil. When I add a weekly essential oil treatment with this oil, my back pain pretty much disappears. You have no idea how wonderful this feels!
Sleeping through the night without pain is awesome. My spouse moving without moving me is great too. Supporting a local company feels good. And I really appreciate the natural, organic design of the bed. I think this is why I am not having as much sensitivity to scents as I used to have. I did not realize until I read in Amy Myers’ book “The Autoimmune Solution” (fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disease) in the section on detoxifying your home that “Where you sleep and what you sleep on are two of the most important decisions you can make…” as “We spend nearly half our lives asleep, and most of our detox and body repair occurs while we sleep.”
She says “Conventional mattresses contain harsh chemicals and fire retardants, which can emit gases for years.” She recommends a 100% natural latex mattress and organic wool mattress topper which is exactly what we got with this bed.
I just want to thank the designers and manufacturers of this awesome bed. Thank you for helping me be pain free and get a good night’s sleep. I am really appreciating all of the extra energy I feel now that I am no longer in pain and can sleep through the night.