Shankara D. (Laurentians, QC)

Just want to say that your bed is proving fantastic! We were just away from home for a month and our bodies truly appreciated the quality of sleep we get from this mattress system.

We are both very involved with physical movement practices and taking care of our bodies (and being as a whole). I’ve found that this makes it possible to adapt quite quickly to changes in environment, and our previous sleeping arrangements, as well as the ones we were left with when travelling made for huge contrast to not only how we rested at night but also how we felt when waking up. Many of the tensions I used to wake up with have simply vanished.

So I attest to the claims you make about healing and realignment of the body’s skeletal system through the well balanced support your system provides and thank you deeply for making it available in such a way; locally sourced and manufactured with great materials. Looking forward to many more years of great sleep!