Yves S.H. (Garibaldi Highlands, BC)

A bed is a personal thing for most of us. For those who are lucky enough to find this small bed manufacturing company called Swiss Dream Beds, don’t hesitate and order one. This bed is the real deal: Eco-friendly materials, well designed and wife approved because I’m a big twitcher and she doesn’t feel it when I score that winning goal at 3 a.m. We have been sleeping on it for three months and we absolutely love our bed. Don’t be fooled by the price; this company could be charging a lot more for this is a healthy, quality and comfortable bed. I’ve tried a similar bedding system that was three times the cost.

I know that a third of my life [total time of being asleep] will dictate the rest of my awake life so I want to make sure to have the best rest available. Maybe one of the most important things we purchase for ourselves is a bed.

Keep up the good work, Hendrik; glad we bought a king sized bed. Four thumbs up from my wife and I!