Cynthia B. (Spanish Fort, AL)

I have had my bed and mattress from CBH Wood Furniture for several months now, and don’t know what I’d do without it. I had difficulty sleeping due to pain in several areas of my body…. now, all gone just from sleeping on this most wonderful bed! The customer service is above and beyond any out there today. I was able to confidently buy my bed, sight unseen and certainly never tried, just because Hendrik was so knowledgeable and helpful over the phone. I love my bed so much, I’ll purchase the travel bed for myself as soon as possible, and will replace all the beds in my home with Balancer beds.

The customer service was so great, I ended up having them custom make a bed and headboard for me out of cherry wood…. soooo beautiful.

Great craftsmanship and artistry, incredible knowledge, skill and design, and excellent customer service that has become so uncommon in today’s world. Customer service is so excellent they provide incredible follow-up, something that has gone by the wayside these days… but not so with CBH Wood Furniture!

I’ve never slept better, and cannot begin to say enough how grateful I am to have found this company and bed. I use their pillow, as well, for complete alignment and comfort.

I’ve used natural and organic beds for many, many years. I’d been buying from one company and some of those mattresses are still good, but don’t provide the same support this one does. My last mattress I’d gotten sank within a year and got worse over the course of the following couple years – that’s when I knew it was time to switch, much as I dreaded the process of finding a better bed. To my amazement, I not only found another healthy alternative, but one that is better on so many levels, and by leaps and bounds! This company has surpassed my expectations so much that I tell everyone I know about their beds and mattresses. I just cannot say enough how wonderful they are.

Hands down, this is the best bed and mattress on the market! It’s not only healthy but incredibly supportive and comfortable. I like a soft mattress and at first wasn’t sure this one would work. In using it, I’ve come to realize that it isn’t softness I like but alignment – and this one provides it perfectly. I’ve had to travel some and sleep on hotel beds, even new ones, recently. At first, I sank into the mattress at the hotels (several over the last few months) and thought it was heavenly soft. However, I did not sleep well on them and realized I’d never gotten the best sleep on soft mattresses but just liked how I sank into them. I never slept well on firm mattresses either. This bed, though, I sleep so soundly and wake up so much more refreshed than I ever thought possible. My body is apparently in complete alignment throughout the night and it serves me well…. better than I ever thought possible. Pain – gone! Restless sleep – gone! Energy – recovered! I feel better than ever sleeping on my bed from this company.

The price was less than I’d spent on other mattresses alone, and I even had a custom-made headboard. Is it pricier than what you’ll find at a superstore? Maybe, but only in the short-term as those don’t last and usually result in much-needed chiropractic care. I own a chiropractic clinic and am all for a good adjustment, but I honestly find I don’t need as many adjustments just because this bed keeps me healthily aligned! In the long run, this bed is not only a saving grace, but also a money-saver! I saved a ton of money getting this bed and it’s the best bed in the world.